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Hello everyone.


I'm doing some review on movies/films that might catch your interest. The list of the movies are the best that I can recommend to you. The review that I wrote is based on my opinions and my perspective of view on the movie itself. You might agree or disagree with me.

Besides, I also put some of my design on this website for your view. You can check it out in the Photography (gallery). You can get it on Shutterstock. I also put some of  it for free on Pixabay.

Just for your information, I can provide you design service. Currently, I open for the Logo Design. The price of the logo design is based on the final outcome. If you are interested, you may contact me by the 'Contact' button at the top or use the information below. You can check out some of my Logo Design (click here).

Thank you for visiting my website and have a wonderful life.

About :

Name : LOBS Arts
Launch : 9 July 2020
Tagline : Creating Something

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