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20+ FREE Wallpapers for Phone, Laptop and PC (Cute, Minimalist, Simple, Elegant)

 FREE Wallpapers for Phone, Laptop and PC


Hello and good day from LOBS Arts.

As the year 2020 is ending, I would like to share and present some of my designs to you. I have created these simple and minimalist concept wallpapers for Phone, Laptop and Personal Computer (PC). It can also be used for other things.

My designs might not be as wonderful as other design from professional and talented designers. However, I hope that you will love even just a few of them.

I hope my design will cherish your phone, laptop & PC. Share my link to your friends and tell them about my designs here. You can also show your support by clicking the “Buy Me a Coffee” below.

Thank you so much and I wish you all have a wonderful day ever. Hoping to see you some other time!

p/s: Click “The Caption” to download the file without Watermarks.

LICENSES: You are allowed to use the available designs here either for Commercial Use or Personal Use, but you are prohibited from RE-UPLOADING, SELLIING & etc. without our CONSENT. 



Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for me to share more in the future.

Thank you. :D 

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